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Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence get ‘Life’ in [Classic Trailer] Comedy

The 1999 comedy ‘Life,‘ set in 1930s Harlem starred Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Obba Babatundé. The movie is funny and well acted by Murphy, Lawrence and a strong supporting cast. During Prohibition, fast talking loudmouth hustler Ray (Eddie Murphy) scams straight-laced no-nonsense Claude (Martin Lawrence) to travel south on a bootlegging mission to Mississippi that…


Watch: ‘Addicted’ – Sexy Thriller [Trailer] Illicit Affair with Boris Kodjoe & Sharon Leal

  Everyone has fantasies. “I live the perfect life; the best family that anyone could hope for, my husband is every woman’s dream.” Zane’s best-selling novel ‘Addicted’ is coming to the big screens. A wife is tested when she cheats on her husband, and it threatens to ruin her and her family.   A successful business…


Psychological Thriller ‘Apartment 4E’ [Trailer] Be Careful who you Trust

  ‘Apartment 4E’ is a two-character psychological thriller about Piper (Nicole Beharie), an intelligent young woman with everything to live for…but she’s trapped in a dark world. Deeply troubled and diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, desperate and clutching a handgun, she has not left her apartment in a long time. Three months ago, Piper met Mollie…

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