Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence get ‘Life’ in [Classic Trailer] Comedy

The 1999 comedy ‘Life, set in 1930s Harlem starred Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Obba Babatundé. The movie is funny and well acted by Murphy, Lawrence and a strong supporting cast.

During Prohibition, fast talking loudmouth hustler Ray (Eddie Murphy) scams straight-laced no-nonsense Claude (Martin Lawrence) to travel south on a bootlegging mission to Mississippi that could bring them big bucks. But they run into trouble when they are arrested for a murder committed by a corrupt local sheriff, and sentenced to life in Mississippi. 





Over the years, the pair form a bond, and discover the value of life after being sentenced to life imprisonment.



‘Life’ is a sentimental comedy with a backdrop of racism. The heart of the movie takes place in prison, where after an early scene of hard physical labor, life settles down into baseball games, talent shows and even, at one point, a barbecue. Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence age more than 50 years in ‘Life.’




‘Life’ also co-starred: Bernie Mac, Nick Cassavetes, Bokeem Woodbine, Ted Demme, Rick James and Anthony Anderson.

When was the last time that a movie made prison seem almost pleasant?


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