Watch: Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson in “All Things Fall Apart” [Trailer]


In the sports drama directed by Mario Van Peebles, ‘All Things Fall Apart’ and co-written by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson who stars as well as Deon, a college running back with a fierce combination of blazing speed and stunning power at the pinnacle of his college football career and gearing up to start a successful NFL one, life unexpectedly takes a turn and Deon suffers a deadly disease and what was once easy and natural becomes unattainable.

Deon is diagnosed with cancer and even though he is fighting the deadly disease he still tries to finish what he started. Realizing the startling truth he sets out to better himself by reuniting his family and picking up the pieces of his life

50 Cent’ was so committed he lost weight and abused his body to look like an actual cancer patient.



‘All Things Fall Apart’ is a triumphant and touching story based on a friend that ’50 Cent’ knew about a man who loses everything, but gains the world.




Also starring Lynn Whitfield, Mario Van Peebles and Ray Liotta, ‘All Things Fall Apart’ is now on DVD.


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