Watch: Samuel L. Jackson, 50 Cent & Jessica Biel Star in War Movie [Trailer] ‘Home of the Brave’


“Coming home is the real battle.” ‘Home of the Brave’ is a 2006 war drama movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, 50 Cent, Jessica Biel and Brian Presley.  The movie follows the lives of four Army National Guard soldiers who struggle to readjust to life at home after returning home from a lengthy tour in Iraq.





The day after they get the word they’ll go home in two weeks, the soldiers are ambushed in an Iraqi city. Back stateside the storyline follows them – a surgeon who saw too much, a teacher who is a single mom and who lost a hand in the ambush, an infantry man whose best friend died that day, and a soldier who keeps reliving the moment he killed a civilian woman.





Each of the four has come home changed, each feels dislocation. Group therapy, V.A. services, halting gestures from family and colleagues, and regular flashbacks keep the war front and center in their minds.


Watch the drama trailer below:


The film focuses on the emotional impact on the returning soldiers, and the people around them. Can a warrior find peace back home?




Jessica Biel’s performance of a tough woman to hide her pains of losing her hand is astonishingly well acted.


‘Home of the Brave’ is available on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray.


Source: YouTube, IMDb


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