Watch Mario Van Peebles action-thriller ‘If’ with an All-Star cast Question who is truly “Righteous” & who is “Criminal?”



“You’re messing with our second amendment.” “I’m American, I have the right to bear more arms than anybody on this planet.” Written and directed by Mario Van Peebles, ‘IF’ touches on the issues of mental health and gun violence in the U.S. The story is described as being taken from recent headlines, and fashioned into its own morality tale putting a line down the middle of who is truly “righteous” and who is “criminal” and where the line crosses between the two. “It turns out you’re on the no fly list, you are so dangerous they won’t even let you on an airplane in the United States yet somehow you were able to get guns in America, easily and legally.”




“We’re all born into this world looking for love. Sometime we settle for attention.” From the unofficial teaser ‘IF’ looks like an amazing visual original topical story. With gun violence rampant, leading daily in the headlines, there does not appear to a rational answer on how to address how easily guns are accessible by those who obviously should not have them. And with intention to cause death and mayhem to innocent people for whatever distorted rationale – in a lot of cases simply looking for notoriety and attention, at any cost.




Legendary film director and actor, Mario Van Peebles best known for directing ‘New Jack City’ in 1991, credits include ‘Empire’ and the ‘USS Indianapolis’ to name a few. In his compelling drama ‘IF,’ Peebles stars along with a star-studded amazingly talented cast that includes: Ryan Guzman , William Fichtner, Columbus Short, Dionne Warwick, Melvin Van Peebles, Lane Garrison, Laz Alonso, Rocsi Diaz, Designer, Van Jones , Rowland Martin, Earthquake, DC Young Fly , Paul Rodriguez and Shakira Barrera.

What an amazingly talented cast! Looking forward to hearing more about this original action-thriller. Check back, we’re provide updates as soon as we learn more.

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