R.I.P. Sharon Jones Passes Away at 60. Watch Trailer for the Inspiring Journey of the Electrifying Performer ‘Miss Sharon Jones!’ Documentary





“People have called Sharon Jones a female James Brown. Her energy is a wonder to behold both on and off stage. Sharon’s voice is like a train. You better get out the way.” The deeply soulful documentary ‘Miss Sharon Jones!’ is about the most challenging year of her life as she confronts pancreatic cancer and struggles to find her health and voice again. “She can be real tough. This isn’t the end of her career, it’s the middle.” Jones was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Following surgery and treatment the singer was back to touring with the band by fall of that year.

“They said I was too fat, too Black, too short and too old.” For years she struggled in her music career so she took alternate jobs as a Rikers Island corrections officer and an armoured-car guard. Her breakthrough didn’t come until midlife when she joined up with the Brooklyn-based Dap-Kings. We watch as they try to work around Jones’ treatment to complete their 2014 album Give the People What They Want and during preparation for a months-long world tour.




“She doesn’t have a radio hit but she has a huge audience all over the world.” Experience the inspiring journey of her incredible comeback. Two time Oscar Winner director Barbara Kopple introduces us to the powerful singer Miss Sharon Jones. Kopple introduces us to Miss Jones, taking us back to her early days with the Dap-Kings to and through her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Her cancer returned in November of 2015, almost two years after the release of the band’s album Give the People What They Want.

“The show must go on.” While chronically her quiet raise to fame, ‘Miss Sharon Jones!’ also takes the audience into the world of responsibility she carries as the lead singer of the Dap-Kings. It is her presence and voice that keeps the band together. She understand she is responsible for putting money on the table for her fellow bandmates and family.




The soul singer passed away after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer on Friday, November 18, 2016. According to a statement, she was surrounded by her loved ones, including the Dap-Kings. ‘Miss Sharon Jones!dreams never expired, they were deferred. “Nineteen years we’ve been constantly going. It was tough. Look at me now. All this hard work is finally paid off. I feel my day is coming.” Only recently recognized with a Grammy Nomination “Give the People What They Want,” Jones has been on the music scene since the 1990’s building a career and following that many may not know of. Miss Sharon Jones was a true soul survivor.



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