Treat her right in David E. Talbert’s Play or ‘Another Man Will’ [Clip] starring Nadine Ellis & Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles





“I can’t remember the last time we went out.” “Girl I just took you out the other day.” “Sitting in the drive thru for 20 minutes of KFC does not count. I just feel like we’ve lost our spark.” In David E. Talbert’s 15th stage production ‘Another Man Will’ Joe (Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles) and Cynthia Scott (Nadine Ellis) are the perfect couple…or at least nineteen years ago they were. Somewhere in the routine of it all, Joe has forgotten just how much of a knockout his wife really is.



Lovely once. Lovely still. Treat her right. Or another man will. “We never go anywhere. So you’re not worried about other men?” “Babe for what don’t no body want you but me.” Unfortunately for him, their ruggedly handsome gardener hasn’t. Lovely once, lovely still…“If a man ain’t taking care of his business at home, another man will.”




“Cynthia is having an affair.” “How you know?” “That’s the same way I acted when I had one.” “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make the grass greener on this side.” David E. Talbert Present’s ‘Another Man Will’ was recorded live in June 2015 in Canoga Park, California. Featuring an all-star cast including Jason Weaver, Andra Fuller, Thomas Miles, Nadine Ellis, Teresa Sykes and KJ Smith, RLJ Entertainment’s Urban Movie Channel (UMC) will presented an exclusive premiere of Talbert’s latest stage play on Friday, December 9, 2016.




This production marks Talbert’s 15th production and the 25th anniversary of his first touring production, Tellin’ It Like It ‘Tiz. ‘Another Man Will’ is streaming on the Urban Movie Channel now and will be released on DVD January 3, 2017.



Source: YouTube, (Netflix Company), Urban Movie Channel


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