Watch as No Soul is safe in ‘The Crooked Man’ with Michael Jai White, Angelique Rivera & Cameron Jebo



“Have any of you heard about the song that kills you if you sing it?” While at a slumber party, twelve-year-old Olivia is blamed for the horrific and mysterious death of her friend after singing a song, created by a reclusive mastermind, Milo (Michael Jai White) , which summons a demonic figure known as ‘The Crooked Man.’ “The crooked man was here.”

“You’re Olivia Shaw what’s it like being back home?” “It’s a little weird.” “Six years is a long time people move on, they forget.” Returning to her hometown six years later, a string of unusual deaths lead Olivia (Angelique Rivera) to believe that she’s still being haunted by whatever she saw that fateful night. Once you sing the rhyme, everyone in the house is cursed to die by his hands. “What if the crooked man came back? Everyone who was there that night is dying.”




No soul is safe. “When you left somehow you paused the curse. And now that you’re back the crooked man returned. He cannot be stopped. You cannot hide and you cannot run.” Directed by Jesse Holland and written by Justin Smith and Peter Sullivan ‘The Crooked Man’ starring Michael Jai White, Angelique Rivera, Cameron Jebo, Amber Benson and Dina Meyer, premiered in October 2016 on the Syfy Channel and will be available on DVD, Digital HD and on Demand, February 14, 2017. “Wherever there is darkness he will be there.”

Seems a bit silly and a bit creepy. What do you think?



Source: IMDb, YouTube


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