There is Only the Living & the Dead in Hunter Adams’ Supernatural-Thriller ‘Dig Two Graves’ (Trailer) starring Ted Levine & Samantha Isler



“I miss Sean.” “Hello child you like magic, right? We can bring your brother back to life but somebody has to take his place. Should we shake on it?” ‘Dig Two Graves’ is a supernatural thriller about the generational violence that plagues a small, backwoods town, set in the 1970s. After 13-year-old Jacqueline Mather (Samantha Isler) loses her brother in a mysterious drowning accident she is soon visited by 3 moonshiners who offer to bring her brother back to life but at a grim cost.

 “What is this? What are you doing with this?” The story follows the girl’s obsession with her brother’s disappearance that leads her on a nightmarish journey through a small town’s Gothic landscape where she is faced with a deadly proposition. How far will she go to save the people she loves? As the dark history of her grandfather, Sheriff Waterhouse (Ted Levine) is unearthed the true intentions of the moonshiners come to light.

When the sins of the past threaten the future how far would you go to bring someone back? Written and directed by Hunter Adams who also co-wrote with Jeremy Phillips, ‘Dig Two Graves’ is an award-winning, edge-of-your-seat, suspense thriller starring Ted Levine, Samantha Isler, and Danny Goldring, with a co-starring cast that includes Troy Ruptash, Mark Lancaster, Dean Evans, Bradley Grant Smith, Kara Zediker, Ryan Kitley, Sauda Namir, Ann Sonneville and Mikush Lleshdedaj.

 “There are no cowards they are no heroes there’s only the living and the dead.” The story explores emotional truths about grief and loss, while the striking visuals, which are often dark, moody, sexy, and dangerous, create a heightened reality where magic and mysticism can freely exist. But this is a cautionary tale, as the title refers to an ancient Chinese proverb, “When you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves!” ‘Dig Two Graves’ will be in theaters and On Demand March 24, 2017




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