The Past is Prologue in the Moment by Moment Raw Footage Retelling of the LA Riots in ‘LA 92’ (Trailer)



“At any time during this evening did it go through your mind that this was not a human being that you were beating?” Marking the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots that followed the acquittal of the four L.A. police officers charged with beating Rodney King on March 31, 1991, National Geographic Documentary Films presents ‘LA 92’ a raw footage moment by moment retelling of the events that lit the fuse and ripped a city apart. “If they cannot get a conviction with the Rodney King video available there can be no justice in America.”

“We the jury find the defendant not guilty.” “Today the jury told the whole world what we all saw was not a crime.” Ferguson. Baltimore. Sanford. The Los Angeles riots may have taken place a quarter century ago but the nation continues to find itself in a cycle of heated discussion over racial oppression, police brutality and socioeconomic inequality.

“The police approach black men as criminals first and citizens second. This is America.”

“Proclamation of a state of emergency in Los Angeles city.” “We have no police support whatsoever.” Directed by Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin National Geographic Documentary Films’ LA 92′ will premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival on April 21. It will then have a limited theatrical release in N.Y. and Los Angeles on April 28 before making its television broadcast debut on National Geographic on April 30, 2017.




Source: YouTube, National Geographic Films


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