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“There’s no question ever about who the greatest comedian is. It’s never anything other than Richard Pryor.” Richard Pryor was one of the greatest American comics of all time. Top comedians cite Richard as their biggest influence.  His comedy was universal. His rise to fame was nothing short of miraculous. Richard’s comedy was a sign of the times. His raw and unfiltered comedic commentary not only changed the course of comedy as an art form, but also changed the audience itself.

“Richard Pryor was born on the edge. Imagine being born in a brothel.” The PBS Documentary delves into the life and legacy of Richard Pryor — how he came up through the brothels of Peoria, Illinois, performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, got banned by the networks, and became embroiled in a pattern of self-destruction that threatened his life. The show showcases Richard Pryor’s lasting impact on comedy and culture, often in his own words, showing us why he is an :ICON.

“They created the 5 second delay on Saturday Night Live because of Richard Pryor. They said he was a loose canyon.” This documentary profile traces the groundbreaking comedian and film star’s rise to fame during a turbulent era in American history.

Airing on Netflix beginning on May 1, 2017, the documentary titled ‘Richard Pryor: Icon’, 2014 television special consists largely of footage collected from the comedian’s concerts, scripted film roles and television appearances; interviews with comedians, entertainers and others who knew him; and a general biographical survey.




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