From a Seed of Faith Grows Hope in ‘All Saints’ (Trailer) starring John Corbett based on Inspiring True Story



“Dear friends in Christ, the revenge Michael Spurlock.” In ‘All Saints’ a new pastor’s first assignment to close a struggling church where he encounters refugees searching to find a new home. “Here’s the thing, we’re closing the church, we’re broke.” Based on the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett) and a group of refugees from Southeast Asia who together, risk everything to plant seeds for a future that might just save them all.

“What do you think will happen to them when we leave?” “Let’s keep them in our prayers and ask for God’s help.” “Aren’t you God’s help?” After trading in his corporate sales career to become a pastor, Michael’s first assignment is All Saints, a quaint country church with a dozen members. It comes with a catch: he has to close the church doors for good and sell the prime piece of land on which it sits.

“I think God spoke to me.” “What did he say?” “He said I’ve given you land, I’ve given you farmers, do the math. He wants us to save this little church by making the land into a farm.” When the church hesitantly begins welcoming Karen (kuh-REN) refugees from Burma—former farmers striving for a fresh start in America—Michael feels called to a new mission. Toiling alongside the Karen people, the congregation attempts to turn their fertile land into a working farm to pay the church’s bills and feed its newest people.

“These people aren’t here to pick your beans, they’re here to be American.” “What’s more American than farming? Start a farm we work together we save the church.” Jeopardizing his family’s future by ignoring his superiors, Michael must choose between completing what he was assigned to do—close the church and sell the property—or listening to a still, small voice challenging the people of All Saints to risk it all and provide much-needed hope to their new community. Written and directed by Steve Gomer starring Cara Buono, John Corbett, David Keith and Barry Corbin, ‘All Saints’ has a theater release date of August 25, 2017.




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