From Baton Rogue comes a story of Money, Music & Mayhem in ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’ (Trailer)



“Life ain’t nothing but one big hustle, but in Baton Rogue Louisiana they bred hustlers. From Jimmy Swaggart to Barry Seal to Governor Edwards. But the ghost of the past built a bridge to the future. Gave birth to a new kind of hustler with a new kind of hustle.” The documentary ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’ details the raw history of Baton Rouge Rap.

“From the city of Baton Rogue comes the story money, music and mayhem. Music was a way out of the struggle that we all knew. But also the way in to the one we never knew existed.” The film documents the history and evolution of rap music in the city of Baton Rouge spanning from 1985 to 2017 and beyond.

“Jiggy ain’t just a dance but a way of life. Shinning like ‘Diamonds that come from the dirt.” ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’ covers the art in its purest form and the artists that have created the city’s unique sound.

The film is a story of hope, redemption and dreams in a place where dreams don’t exist. Directed by Max Minelli the documentary stars Lil Boosie, Webbie and Kevin Gates.




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