J.K. Simmons finds a Whole New Everything in ‘The Bachelors’ (Trailer) Father-Son Dramedy



“There’s a lesson here. If you expose your vulnerabilities to a woman you will be eviscerated, they are a ruthless, cold-blooded gender.” In ‘The Bachelors’ formerly titled The Whole New Everything, after the loss of his wife, Bill Ponder (J.K. Simmons) and his 17-year-old son Wes move across the country for a private school teaching job.

 “Men are just afraid of strong women, they think just because we stand up to them that means we don’t like them when half the time it means the exact opposite.” As they each begin to adjust to their new life and seek ways to heal their wounds, they both find comfort in newfound romance. Wes meets Lacy, an introverted but fierce girl whose enigmatic personality captivates Wes’ attention, and Bill meets Carnie, a compassionate and elegant teacher whose own past heartaches resonate with his.

 “For such manner guys you sure attract some feisty women.” As relationships are tested, Bill and Wes grow apart and back together again while discovering their true selves in the process. Directed and written by Kurt Voelker ‘The Bachelor’ stars J. K. Simmons, Julie Delpy, Josh Wiggins, and Odeya Rush. The film has a release date of June 20, 2017.




Source: YouTube, IMDb


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