Watch Naomi Watts & Jaeden Lieberher in Colin Trevorrow’s ‘The Book of Henry’ (Clip) with Jacob Tremblay



“Our legacy isn’t how many comma’s we have in our bank account its who we’re lucky enough to have in our lives and what we can leave them with.” Never leave things undone. ‘The Book of Henry’ is the story of a single mother raising two boys, one of whom is a genius.  “Henry remind me again why we can’t put you in a gifted school?” “Because it’s better for my psycho social development for me to interact with a peer group in a normal school environment.” “Oh yeah.”

“The story is about me my brother my mom and the girl who lived next door.” After she discovers a book written by her son containing a plan to right a terrible wrong happening next door, she attempts to execute the plan, and in the process discovers new strength as a parent. “Mom I have to tell you something and it’s very important. Christina’s in trouble. When someone hurts someone else we have to make it better.”

“There’s only one way to stop it. I’d hope to do it all myself but that’s not an option.” “Okay let’s do this.” Directed by Colin Trevorrow and written by Gregg Hurwitz ‘The Book of Henry’ stars Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay and Jaeden Lieberher as a family who discover their neighbors are hiding a dark secret

“Mom that woman in the grocery store today you didn’t do anything to help her.” “I told you this wasn’t our business.” “I think when someone hurts someone else it is our business. If everyone did that than there won’t be no one to look out for people who couldn’t look out for themselves. The worst thing in the world is apathy.” The film will open at the LA Film Festival on June 14th and be released in theaters on June 16, 2017.




Source: YouTube, IMDb


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