Sex, Drugs & a Kidnapped Wife in Action-Comedy ‘Gun Shy’ (Trailer) Starring Antonio Banderas & Olga Kurylenko



“The phone is tapped, listen carefully, my wife and I were on a lovely vacation, I had an important meeting so she went out to see the local wildlife and met up with some fans.” “You are Turk Henry’s wife.” “And now they want to meet me.” Formerly known as Salty, ‘Gun Shy’ follows Turk Henry (Antonio Banderas); an aging mega platinum rock star who’s married to a supermodel (Olga Kurylenko). While vacationing in Thailand his wife is kidnapped.

“This could be a straight forward kidnapping or something more sinister like terrorist.” “I’m getting my wife back!” With little assistance from local authorities Turk is forced to embark on a mission to rescue his wife. Despite having never organized anything more challenging than a club sandwich from room service, Turk embarks on a rescue mission, taking him from the back alleys of Santiago to the jungles of South America.

“That’s what I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.” Rock Out with Your Glock Out. Directed by Simon West ‘Gun Shy’ was adapted from the novel written by Toby Davies and Mark Haskell Smith who also wrote the screenplay.

With a full cast that includes Ben Cura, Mark Valley, Aisling Loftus, David Mitchell, Jeremy Swift, Jesse Johnson and Antonio Banderas and Olga Kurylenko the film has a theater release date of September 8, 2017

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Source: YouTube, IMDb


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