What’s Real & What’s Fantasy in Uche Aguh’s Mental Health Drama ‘The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad’ (Concept Trailer)



“What are you running from?” “Everything and nothing.” What happens next?” “Everything catches fire. There’s no fun wandering through the desert ocean by yourself.” What’s real and what’s fantasy? They don’t know anymore in ‘The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad,’ set in a Mental rehab ward in an Austin Hospital the film follows the journey of two people. Kunle (Uche Aguh) is a manic-depressive film student. He ends up in a rehab ward and meets a Lola (Rizelle Januk), a psychiatrist intern in training.

“I believe the lies we tell ourselves everyday about who we are.” Their worlds collide as they go on a journey of self-discovery, love and self-therapy.

“Do you fall in love with all your patients?” “Only the crazy ones.” In the character driven story the two seemingly lost souls go on a romantic, whimsical yet real and fully gritty journey only to end up where they first discovered each other, alone and empty.

Directed and written by doctor-turned-director, Uche Aguh, who also co-stars with Rizelle Januk ‘The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad’ is a multi-ethnic, multi-dimensional and multi-genre’d psychological drama that explores mental health as it relates to young people of color. The story follows a culturally diverse cast of scarred individuals whose lives have become intertwined through a series of co-dependent relationships.

Uche put together the concept trailer in a few days, with a crew of four and a zero-dollar budget. Right now, he is trying to raise funds to make the film a reality – you can donate to the project at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-beautiful-ones-are-all-mad-a-feature-film-art-diversity#/.




Source: YouTube, http://55media.net/new-project-in-development/


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