How Do We Know, Who We Know in Lisa Langseth’s Adventure-Drama ‘Euphoria’ (Trailer) starring Alicia Vikander & Eva Green



“It’s so good to see you, I was afraid you’d cancel.” “Tell me where we’re going?” “It’s very special.” In the adventure-drama ‘Euphoria’ two sisters with unresolved issues meet and vacation for an unusual family reunion.

“We offer our guests a service created for and by the individual. Freedom of choice is our utmost concern and serving that choice is our aim.” Planning a mysterious luxury jaunt, Emilie’s (Eva Green) goal is to effuse happiness and revisit their childhoods with her younger sis Ines (Alicia Vikander), a successful artist now suffering some negative reviews, who has agreed to join her. “You want me to sit in this place while this woman talks about your childhood?” “You never want to talk about it.”

“What are you doing with these people?” “Helping them, this is a free zone without the world to judge them.” ‘Euphoria’ is a Swedish-British-German drama film written and directed by Lisa Langseth in her English-language debut.

“Some times you have to shut things out to survive!” “That’s what everything has ever been about, you and your fu*king survival.” With a prestige cast including Alicia Vikander, Eva Green, Charlotte Rampling, Charles Dance, Mark Stanley and Adrian Lester it was screened in the Platform section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. ‘Euphoria’ has a theater release date of February 2, 2018.




Source: YouTube, IMDb


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