Uncover the truth behind the CIA, LSD, mind control in Netflix’s Series Docudrama ‘Wormwood’ (Trailer) starring Peter Sarsgaard



“Welcome Dr. Olson, it says here you’ve been unsettled.” Netflix series ‘Wormwood’ is an upcoming mini-series docudrama true-crime series that mixes documentary and scripted storytelling to explore the untold true story of the CIA, LSD experiments, mind control, and the death of a family man. The series will explore the death of Frank Olson who was recruited by the CIA to be part of a secret biological warfare program cryptically referred to as Project MKUltra, one of the CIA’s most notorious R&D labs. He fell to his death from a New York building in 1953 with LSD in his system. “The tragedy that happened to this family was very deep and very real.”

“What were you told at the time of your father’s death?” “I was told that your father has had an accident. But that was the cover story told by the CIA. The CIA was using LSD on people.” The show will follow Olson’s sons’ investigation into his death. Written by Molly Rokosz and Steven Hathaway ‘Wormwood’ was directed by cult documentary filmmaker Errol Morris and stars Peter Sarsgaard.

“In this cold war the most dangerous weapon is information. You are the men who know the secrets. We are the men who keep the secrets.” The six-part Netflix series will also star Molly Parker, Tim Blake Nelson and Bob Balaban. ‘Wormwood’ will be released on Netflix and in select theaters December 15, 2017.

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