Sharon Stone’s Story Begins Where Her Life Ends in Steven Soderbergh’s HBO ‘Mosaic: Who Killed Olivia Lake?’ (Trailer) Murder Series



“Olivia was hit on the jaw, on the left side of her face by somebody who’s right-handed. Your right hand was bruised and swollen.” Steven Soderbergh‘s experimental new HBO unique storytelling experience mystery ‘Mosaic’ is full of twists and turns. In the trailer for the episode titled “Who Killed Olivia Lake?” small town cops must solve the murder of a popular children’s book author and illustrator Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone).

“A gruesome scene as the frozen body of Olivia Lake was discovered.” Question Everything. A twisting tale of passion, intrigue and deception ‘Mosaic’ is a mystery thriller that takes place in Park City, Utah. “I’d like to think that even for a moment she found something real.”

“What was it about Olivia that drew these men to her?” “She was reckless.” Conceived and directed by Steven Soderbergh, originally released as an interactive app, ‘Mosaic’ allows the viewer to experience different portions of the story from the perspective of different characters in a non-linear fashion, providing a complex and unique narrative form.

The murder series story itself involves a murder mystery, coverups, conspiracies, high-end art, real estate, and the entangled interests of the wealthy Park City elite. ‘Mosaic’ will keep you guessing. Sharon Stone stars, along with Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Jennifer Ferrin, Devin Ratray, Michael Cerveris, James Ransone and Jeremy Bobb. Each character brings a different perspective, but which one gives you the truth? The five-night limited series premieres January 22, on HBO.






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