There’s Fact. There’s Fiction. Then There’s the Truth in Fox Series ‘Deep State’ (Trailer) starring Mark Strong



“You threatened my wife, my children.” “I don’t like being ignored. He wanted to follow in your footsteps, we’re giving you the opportunity to make this right.” ‘Deep State’ focuses on Max Easton (Mark Strong), an ex-spy whose past comes back to haunt him when he’s summoned away from his new life by the head of covert MI6/CIA team “The Section.” “I thought you were out of the game?” “Yeah, me too.”

“You look like the sky is falling in.” “Harry’s dead, the people he was working with killed him.” The head of the M16/CIA convinces Max to return to the field to avenge the death of his estranged son Harry.

“Gonna pull out your finger nails one by one. I’m not one of those boys who enjoys this. What I am is highly motivated to find those people.” The stakes are soon raised when Max finds himself at the heart of a covert intelligence war, immersed in a widespread conspiracy to profit from the spread of chaos in the Middle East.

Created by Matthew Parkhill FOX’s gritty new drama delves into the merciless world of espionage, where an increasingly rare conscience can get you, and the ones you love, killed. Starring Mark Strong with a cast that includes Anastasia Griffith, Simone Ashley and Yves Aubert ‘Deep State’ premieres April 5, 2018.



Source: YouTube, IMDb


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