Owen Wilson & Ed Helms Prepare for the Ultimate Paternity Quest in Comedy ‘Father Figures’ (Clip) with Katt Williams



“Not everyone knows who their father is. For forty years we thought we did, until today.” On their mom’s big day they got a big surprise. “I probably should have told you this a long time ago, I wasn’t sure who your father was. Monogamy wasn’t exactly a priority.” In ‘Father Figures’ (previously titled Bastards) upon learning that their mother has been lying to them for years about their allegedly deceased father, two fraternal twin brothers hit the road in order to find him.

“I’ve often wondered where I got my zest for love-making. Now we know. Our father been out there this whole time. Operation who’s your daddy, the top mission is finding dad.” On the road on their quest to find their real father they learn their mother slept with many powerful and famous men in the 1970s that include Oscar winner J.K. Simmons and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback-turned-actor Terry Bradshaw.

“What are you doing here?” “We think we’re your sons.” “Excuse me for a minute. There is no way those jackasses are my kids.” Directed by Lawrence Sher and written by Justin Malen, ‘Father Figures’ stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as fraternal twins and Academy Award nominee Glenn Close stars as their mother, Helen. With a cast that also includes Ving Rhames and stand-up comedian Katt Williams, marking the directorial debut of veteran cinematographer Lawrence Sher the film was be released in theaters in the U.S. December 22, 2017 and will be In cinemas in the U.K. February 16 2018.





Source: YouTube,  IMDb


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