Seeing is Deceiving for Nicolas Cage in Thriller ‘Looking Glass’ (Clip) with Robin Tunney



“So old Ben finally went and sold the place, you usually run hotels?” “No, I’m an electrician wanted to try something different.” In the ‘Looking Glass’ a couple buy a desert motel only to discover a series of disturbing, unexplained events that take place within one of the frequently requested rooms. “The cause of death is still unknown.” “Hey, that’s her isn’t it? She was our first guest.”

“Everybody knows everybody around here, except you.” “Did you do it?” “Did I do what?” “What did you see?” Seeing is deceiving. “Hi, can I help you?” “I just wanted to ask you a few questions about Ray.”

“Do you have a room preference? We have double or king.” “That I do, room 10 please.” “You’ve been here before?” “Is this your old man?” “Yeah, you know him?” “I’d keep my eye on that one if I were you.”

“You were with that girl, the night she died. I saw you at my place.” “You like to watch, is that it?” Directed by Tim Hunter from a screenplay by Jerry Rapp and Matthew Wilder the ‘Looking Glass’ stars  Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney, Marc Blucas, Ernie Lively, and Jacque Gray. The thriller is slated to be released in theater February 16, 2018.

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Source: YouTube, IMDb


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