Three Millennials Face Their ‘Giants’ in Issa Rae’s Channel James Bland Digital Series (Season 2 Trailer) Executive Produced by Jussie Smollett



“Most people think of birthdays as a time to have a big celebration, but, what if you took your birthday as an opportunity to truly ask yourself where is that I’d like to see myself over the coming year?” Issa Rae and Jussie Smollett have teamed up to executive produce the series ‘Giants,’ a new YouTube series hosted on Rae’s YouTube channel that follows three black millennials as they face their inner demons while forced to live together in a tiny one bedroom apartment.

“To live your dream you have to fight for it.” “At the end of the day, are you who you say you are?” The digital series follows the lives of three black millennials nearing the end of their 20s. As they approach age 30, each battling their own inner giants, tougher obstacles of adulthood await and the stakes have never been higher. However, as we all know, “life” is filled with challenges and when times get hard, you either fall down or fight back.

“You alright?” “I spilled chicken salad on my sisters floor and she kicked me out.” Created, written and directed by James Bland, who also co-stars with a cast that includes Sean Samuels, Vanessa Baden and Crystal Lee Brown the series goes inside the lives of these ambitious young adults. In season 2 of Giants, the cast is joined by Emmy-nominated Kelsey Scott, KJ Smith and J. August Richards who also wrote and directed two episodes.

“It’s a part of me that feels like I can’t fully accept myself until he does.” “Try to talk to him, remember you’re you rather he accepts you or not.” In an interview with Hollywood’s Black Renaissance, Bland details the project as one that addresses social issues often “ignored or stigmatized by the Black community.” “And regardless of race, these characters’ experiences are relatable to almost anyone because they learn the hard way that when life kicks your ass, you either lie down or fight back.” On February 21, 2018 ‘Giants’ season 2 all about second changes returns bigger and bolder with six, half-hour episodes and an hour-long finale in its second season.




Source: YouTube, IMDb


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