(Trailer) Steven Seagal is the ‘General Commander’ in TV Series



In the action TV Series ‘General Commander,’ Steven Seagal plays the role of CIA Global Response Staff (GRS) contractor, Jake Alexander who is sent on assignment to Macau to apprehend international banker money launderer Walter Thompson. Aided by Macau police chief Chau Ho-Yan, Jake captures Thompson, with the intention of turning Thompson into a witness against those for whom he launders money.

But the mission runs afoul when Seagal’s friend is killed. Alexander and his crew resign from the organization and form a rogue security unit funded by a rich friend.

The action series starring Steven Seagal, Megan Brown, Edoardo Costa and Elle Seagal will have a 12 episode run. Looks like a typical Steven Seagal action kick butt movie. Your thoughts?




Source: YouTube, IMDb


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