Watch Michelle Pfeiffer & Kiefer Sutherland in Andrew Dosunmu’s Dark Drama ‘Where Is Kyra?’ (Trailer)



“Hi I’m Kyra Johnson I was just wondering if the part-time filing position was still open?” “No that’s been filled.” In ‘Where is Kyra,’ Kyra is an unemployed, middle-aged woman looking after her elderly mother. “I love you mommy, mommy?” “It’s really good to see you. Your mother, I’m really sorry.” After her mother’s death, she finds herself alone in a big, noisy city with no money and a sufficient lack of job prospects.

“You notice like nothing you work for is working, thank god for my mom, she saved my a*s.” When her credit card is declined trying to buy a drink at a local bar, a handsome neighbor named Doug enters the picture. “I’d like to cash this please?” “Who’s Ruth?” “That’s my mother.” “Only she can cash her own check.”

“Everywhere I go I see her.” As the weeks and months go on, her problems worsen. “I saw this old woman today that looks exactly like your mother, she even walks like her she walked in front of my car, kind of freaked me out.” With the lost of her mother her life unravels and leads her on a risky and enigmatic path that threatens her life.

“Do you have any idea what will happen to you if they catch you?” “I know that, don’t you think I know that! I’m in over my head with this.” Directed by Andrew Dosunmu who also wrote the story from a screenplay written by Darci Picoult ‘Where is Kyra’ narrows in on the tragedy of getting old in America. Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland, Suzanne Shepherd and Sam Robards the film does not have a theater release date, yet.

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