Michael Jai White is ‘The Outlaw Johnny Black’ in Action Comedy Western Follow-up to cult-classic parody Black Dynamite


“From the brothers who brought you Black Dynamite comes a western adventure. Ain’t nobody safe from the outlaw Johnny Black.‘The Outlaw Johnny Black’ is described as a spiritual (if not direct) follow-up to Black Dynamite which takes similar aim at Blaxploitation ’70s westerns such as Buck and The Preacher.

“On the run from the law and down for the count he meets an unlikely friend.” In the follow-up to the 2009 cult-classic in the trailer we see that ‘The Outlaw Johnny Black’ changes identities with a preacher while he’s on the run after he thinks that the preacher was murdered by Indians.

“Can a man whose lost his faith save a town under attack? You’ll have a dynamite experience when you bet on the outlaw.” In the hilarious action comedy western Black heads into town to begin his new life as a preacher where an outlaw gang wants to take over the church for the oil beneath it. It’s up to The Outlaw Johnny Black to save the town and the church from the men trying to tear it apart.

The Western parody stars and is written by Michael Jai White in a sublimely goofy, joke-a-minute comedy style. “This one will be paying loving homage to the blaxploitation-era westerns,” said White. “I chose this movie to do that with because the word of mouth around Black Dynamite has been huge for me, especially overseas.” In the sequel we see the return of most of the cast from the first movie including Kym Whitley, Tommy Davidson, and Byron Minns.  ‘The Outlaw of Johnny Black’ does not have a theater release date, yet. Stay tuned.


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Source: YouTube, IMDb


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