Something you Need to See to Believe in Boots Riley Comedy ‘Sorry to Bother You’ with Tessa Thompson, Lakeith Stanfield & Danny Glover



“I’m just out here surviving and what I’m doing right now won’t even matter.” “Baby, it will always matter.” ‘Sorry to Bother You’ is about a black telemarketer Cassius Green who a magical key to professional success. He discovers a way to make his voice sound like it’s overdubbed by a White actor. “You’re doing so good with the voice thing. You’re going upstairs.” 

“Let me give you a tip, you want to make some money here use your white voice.” “My white voice?” As he begins to rise through the company, he discovers “the macabre secret of his corporate overlords” and must then decide if he should sell out and join them or stick with his ideals.

“I got promoted, I’m a power caller.” Cassius’s “White Voice” power, and his betrayal of friends who are organizing a work stoppage, shoots him up the ranks of the telemarketing world, where he’s promoted to the company’s elite team who sell Weapons of Mass Destruction and slave labor- via cold-calling. “They even have their own elevator.”

“I just really need a job.” Written and directed by Boots Riley in his directorial debut, starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, Patton Oswalt, Steven Yeun, Terry Crews, David Cross, Danny Glover, Omari Hardwick, Marcella Bragio,Tom Woodruff Jr., Kate Berlant, Jermaine Fowler, Robert Longstreet and Teresa Navarro the film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2018 to rave reviews. Having already won the following awards Sundance Lab Fellow, SFFS/KRF Grant, and Filmhouse Residency ‘Sorry to Bother You’ will be in theaters July 8, 2018.

Now this looks originally entertaining. What do you think?



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