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“I can give you 20 reasons why I wanted to be a cop. People tell me all the time that I have lost touch with my blackness.” It’s not easy being a black cop. Your community doesn’t trust you and your colleagues are wary of you. And when the world is on edge waiting for a grand jury verdict on a high-profile police case involving unarmed youth, you can bet all eyes are on you. For one black cop already struggling between duty and moral obligation, it only gets worse when he is profiled by his colleagues off-duty, nearly getting himself killed in the process – pushing him over the edge. “Did you hear about the rogue officer reports today, they’re harassing civilians?” “Yeah, how’s Franklin?” “He didn’t see a thing, he got choked out from behind woke up cuffed without his uniform in a dumpster. I can’t imagine.” I

“His uniform is gone, taken they think, there’s someone out there dressed as an officer. I was hoping you would know why someone would go as far as dressing up as a cop?” “I can think of a lot of reasons.” Armed with the power of his badge, the stage is set for a whirlwind day filled with vendetta and just desserts – as black cop targets the very community that justifies his colleagues –on a collision course with his own identity.

“Even if they say they don’t respect you they do, they just don’t know it.” A cop with an ability to make the tiniest of difference in a person’s life. Racial tension, law enforcement, and social media are the focus in this hyper active satire. “‘Black Cop’ stems from a simple question; what if a black cop, frustrated about the current stigma surrounding law enforcement, is driven to take action by doing what he believes is the direct repose to the social media judge and jury – giving them something else to “weigh in on”? The problem is this man lives on the edge of the coin, and each side has troubling consequences,” said writer/director Cory Bowles.

Starring Ronnie Rowe, Sophia Walker and Sebastien Labelle, continues Bowles “I think of ‘Black Cop’ as an opera of sorts ‐‐ a story where one character takes us on a roller coaster of grandiose melodrama. It’s a mix of real footage, narrative storytelling, with a touch of live theater setting added in. Tackling a story rooted in social issue can be daunting, but it can also be fun. It can be humorous, ironic, and entertaining‐ even if it may be uncomfortable at times.” The satire drama is coming to On Demand & Digital May 1, 2018.

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