Dwayne Johnson Rolling Stone Cover: The Pain and the Passion That Fuel the Rock (Behind the Scenes Video)


“Today we’re shooting the cover of Rolling Stones magazine we’re out here in the beautiful mountains of California and it should be a great day.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Hollywood’s most bankable star. He’d made a splashy entrance in Hollywood, earning $5 million for his first starring role, in 2002’s The Scorpion King. But after a string of slightly embarrassing kids’ movies, it seemed he might be done.

“My career was a little shaky – really shaky,” he says. “Returning to wrestling wasn’t an option, because I didn’t want to go back deemed a failure. So I’m making these movies, my third family movie in a row, which is often considered career suicide for someone who started in the world of action. Like, ‘Check, please – you’re done.”

“I don’t like sad endings,” continued Johnson. “Life brings sh*t – I don’t want it in my movies. I want to feel great.” Johnson called a meeting with his agents and said he had a plan. He wanted to be Will Smith, only different and bigger. “I don’t know what that means,” he said. “But I can see it, and I have these” – he held up his hands – “and I need everybody to see it with me.” The silence was profound. Pretty soon he had new agents. But 10 years later, what kind of career does he have? Will Smith’s, only different and bigger.

Get the full cover story at: https://rol.st/2GAh61A

Um, yes please…works for me. LOL, your thoughts?


Source: YouTube, Rolling Stone


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