Fear Blinds the Truth in ‘In Darkness’ (Trailer) starring Natalie Dormer & Ed Skrein with Emily Ratajkowski



“Did you know the deceased?” “We were neighbors she was always kind to me.” “So you didn’t hear anything?” “No.” ‘In Darkness’ tells about the blind pianist Sophia who overhears a struggle in the apartment above hers that leads to the death of her neighbor, and gets caught up in the dangerous underworld of London. “Sophia please look after this for me.” 

“It is true that the loss of one sense sharpens the others?” “I’m being followed.” It is the start of a journey that pushes Sofia out of her depth and into contact with deceased girl’s father, a Serbian businessman and alleged war criminal accused of committing acts of genocide during the Bosnian war, who is now living in London under political asylum.

“The 28-year-old fell from her apartment in what appears to be a suicide. Alleged war criminal officially identified his daughter’s body. There’s a woman in here, she’s blind.” Blind to the truth, Sofia risks her life in search of answers, and is plunged into a shady underworld of corruption, violence and blackmail. Secrets from her own past become intertwined with the inner circle of deceit as she hunts for revenge.

“Whatever game you think you’re playing you just stumbled into someone else’s.” Written and directed by Anthony Byrne and written and starring Natalie Dormer, ‘In Darkness’ features an ensemble cast, including Ed Skrein, Emily Ratajkowski and Joely Richardson. The film is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2018, by Vertical Entertainment.




Source: YouTube, IMDb


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