Ron Perlman Tails em, Nails em & Jails em in Adventure Western-Comedy ‘The Escape of Prisoner 614’ (Trailer)




“Effective immediately your employment with the sheriff’s department is terminated.” “If we aren’t deputies what the hell are we?” “We’re nothing.” In ‘The Escape of Prisoner 614’ two Sheriff’s Deputies, who have just been fired from their jobs, decide to go after an escaped prisoner in hopes of getting their jobs back. “Came up one short prison, 614 catch that son of a b*tch.” “Catch that prisoner return him to justice we’ll be heroes.”

“He murdered a deputy in cold blood.” “You can shoot me but I ain’t going back. I ain’t a killer.” “The jury decided otherwise.” “Yeah, said the white man and 5 white women.” The two inept, small-town Sheriff’s Deputies catch an escaped prisoner that they believe was wrongly convicted.

“What if he is innocent? Nobody’s gonna lose sleep of a dead cop killer.” “I didn’t kill nobody.” Nabbing the convict won’t be half as dangerous as facing the ruthless sheriff who is tracking their every move.


“Don’t think he won’t try it again. Every man’s got something to lose, you see where I”m going with this?” They discover that the supposed cop-killer they’ve hunted down is an innocent victim of a racist judicial system, in which they now face a moral dilemma — return the prisoner and be hailed as heroes, or act on their principles in pursuit of true justice Written and directed by Zach Golden in his feature directorial debut starring Ron Perlman, Martin Starr, Jake McDorman and George Sample III the action adventure western comedy has a theater release date of April 27, 2018.


Story line could strike an accord with obvious racial overtone. Your Impression?



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