The Truth Has a Way of Turning on Guy Pearce in Psychological Mystery Thriller ‘Spinning Man’ (Clip) with Pierce Brosnan & Minnie Driver



“I’d like to report a crime. A girl went missing up at the lake.” “Is your husband home?” “What’s this about detective?” “A girl from Eastfield, we got a report a man in a gray Volvo was watching her the day she disappeared.” ‘Spinning Man’ is a psychological mystery-thriller that follows a charming professor and family man, Evan Birch, who appears to be living an idyllic life. “Can you tell me where you were?” “I doubt it, I barely remember last week.” “That was Eve’s last day at camp, you went to pick her up, remember?” “The camp counselor said she waited for 40 minutes.” “Is tardiness a crime?” “Obstruction is.”

“I’m not answering another question until I speak to my lawyer.” Evan’s past reveals a number of illicit relations with his students. When a young woman is found murdered, he struggles to come up with an alibi to clear his name and becomes the prime suspect.

“Did you ever meet Joyce Barnum?” “I don’t think so.” “Mrs. Birch, we found strains of Joyce’s hair in your husband’s car.” “What was she doing in your car?” “I told you I don’t remember.” “This is her lip gloss.” The only truth is knowing you know nothing.

“So, there’s no such thing as truth?” “Can I tell you the truth or what I perceive?” “You kept a secret from your wife? I’m terrified of what else you can convince yourself of.” The Truth Has a Way of Turning on You. Directed by Simon Kaijser based on a novel by George Harrar and adapted to screenplay by Matthew Aldrich ‘Spinning Man’ stars Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Alexandra Shipp and Odeya Rush. It is scheduled to be released in theaters and On Demand April 6, 2018, by Lionsgate Premiere.

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