Watch Reg E. Cathey as Legendary Jazz Musician in Adventure Comedy-Drama ‘Flock of Four’ (Trailer)


“You guys hear that? The musician Pope Dixon is playing on Central Ave. I’m thinking about going down there.” “Does your mother know that you’re going down there on a Friday night?” Set over the course of a single night in 1959, ‘Flock of Four’ follows four teens from Pasadena as they journey to Central Avenue, Los Angeles on a quest to find a legendary jazz performer.

“You really think that’s a good idea, you on central avenue at night? The four stooges.” “Let’s do something different for once. This is the Pope Dixon we’re talking about.” The adventure comedy-drama explores jazz and historic Central Avenue in South Central Los Angeles.

“I know it’s weird, a couple of white guys in a jazz down in central.” “Not weird at all, way too common in fact.” Written and directed by Gregory Caruso who co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Nader ‘Flock of Four’ premiered at the Austin Film Festival in October 2017.

“Jazz is great when it has that pain behind it.” Jazz is a thick smoke, it’s a medicine it’s a path that gets us through the forks of life. Starring Braeden LeMasters, Isaac Jay, Uriah Shelton, Dylan Riley Snyder, Coco Jones, Shane Harper, Nadji Jeter, Connor Paolo, Gatlin Green and the late Reg E. Cathey ‘Flock of Four’ has a theater release date of  June 1, 2018.

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