Page58 is a family friendly, safe for work, entertainment news site that seeks to fulfill the need of the internet surfer who desires quick and easy access to updated Film, TV & Entertainment news stories in the form of videos and photos. Our main emphasis is geared toward a mature audience, readers in the demographic age group of 30 + with a focus on stars we grew up with and love.

In surfing the internet looking for entertainment news we found that in addition to well-known celebrity and movie stars that there are a plethora of film, TV and celebrity news stories that are lesser known, but equally of interest and entertaining.

As well as providing photos and videos of current Film, TV & Entertainment news, Page58  will cater to ‘back in the day, ‘oldie but goodie’ entertainment news by providing relevant news with photos and videos, and stories of interest.

We update our site daily with stories that may be of interest to our viewers. Please check us often for updated Film, TV & Entertainment News!

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