Features and Characteristics of Teddy Guinea Pig

The Teddy Guinea Pig is one of the newer varieties of breeds and a breed of guinea pigs that has many similar features with the American Guinea Pig breed. However, it also has many distinctive features which make them special and unique. Teddy Guinea Pigs are sweet animals with a shorter coat than the American Guinea Pigs that grows outward that can be soft or very tough like a brillo pad (often described as “wiry”). That is where their name derives from, the way their fur grows (like a teddy bear). Their coat is thicker than the common guinea pig breeds. It is the most similar to the Abyssinian Guinea Pig’s coat with the difference that is shorter and does not have rosettes. Teddy Guinea Pigs have a different nose from other guinea pigs, it is wider, turned upward and curved (Roman nose). Their coat color can be orange, jet black, white, gray, glossy brown, chestnut, gold and red, and can also be glossier than the other breeds (satin coat). They can be a single color, a combination of two colors that can make different patterns (spots, stripes, single hue…) and tricolor. The coat does not tangle, but it is still necessary to brush them to remove any debris that can go way down their fur and irritate the skin. These guinea pigs have drier skin which means that it can have baths but not more than 3 baths per year. It should also be with a special medicated shampoo.
The Teddy Guinea Pigs are smaller than an average guinea pig (maximum 12 inches (20 centimeters) in length) and have a shorter lifespan. The average is from 4 to 6 years (maximum 7). They can breed as young as eight weeks, but the recommended breeding age is at least six months. Their pregnancy lasts from 9 to 10 weeks. This breed is most prone to diseases caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C which are scurvy and respiratory illnesses. That is why their food should be rich in Vitamin C because unlike other guinea pigs, Teddies do not have the capacities to produce this vitamin in their body. To stay healthy a Teddy needs regular activities and exercises like a usual wheel, running in a spacious area and also training and bonding time with the owner. They have small flat ear flaps that can be prone to earwax build-up over time which can be solved by gently cleaning the inside of their ears with a warm, damp towel.
Teddy Guinea Pigs were not very popular but according to latest statistics, they are becoming more popular because of their warm personality. They are smart, adventurous and playful. They are curious about things around them and are sociable with other breeds of guinea pigs, as well as the same breed and humans. Their personality is also compared with the Abyssinian Guinea pigs which are known to be the most active breed, energetic, fun-loving and extroverted. They like to cuddle, are very enthusiastic about activities and exercises.